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Buying organic legumes 

Organic legumes are grown naturally in such a way that no chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used during planting and growing and fruiting, and animal fertilizers are used to grow the plant and to repel pests from insects that do not harm the plant, such as leafhoppers. Therefore, these products have high quality and health, which can replace non-organic legumes in the food basket of all families.

The difference between organic and non-organic legumes

The most important difference between organic and non-organic legumes is that they are not genetically modified and have complete health, and also the sewage water that contains lead and potassium chloride is not used to irrigate the agricultural land so that it does not have a negative effect on the crop and its health. Non-organic products use chemical fertilizers for the growth of the product. These toxins are absorbed into the tissue of the products, which are very harmful to the body.

Health is very valuable and important. Therefore, we should be diligent in maintaining it by consuming natural and healthy ingredients. Factors such as changing lifestyles and eating habits, tending to ready-made foods, etc., have threatened food safety and, consequently, human health. Elite Agro has started its activity in the field of supply of natural and organic products. Therefore, Elite Agro products are as follows

Organic Beans 50 kg                                            Organic Red lentils 50 kg                                                Organic corns 50 kg

Wholesale organic gin corn                               Organic Saffron 50 kg                                                     Organic chickpeas 50 kg

Wholesale organic dates 50 kg                          Organic rice 50 kg                                                            Organic Green lentils 50 kg  

Organic millet 50 kg                                            Organic linseed 50 kg                                                      Organic pinto beans 50 kg 


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